Raiko - Improved traffic safety with Raiko ice plows

The most cost-efficient equipment for ice and drifting snow removal

The Raiko ice plow is an efficient tool for the winter and summer maintenance of streets and other traffic routes. The efficient performance of the equipment is made possible by an elastic set of flexible and freely spinning wheels, equipped with special spikes, which, when pressed against the surface of the road, break the ice. Combined with the blade, they leave behind an even but rough surface, improving traffic safety on the road. The equipment does not, however, break icy asphalt or the road’s surface. Raiko removes ice in one go, and since it can be used at a speed of 40 km per hour, traffic jams in urban areas can be avoided. In the summer time, the equipment can be used in gravel road maintenance and the repair of roads that have suffered from varying weather conditions.

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