Serving industries with reliability and quality

We are a company of highly skilled metal industry professionals. We ensure that our customers’ productions run reliably and effectively and we are also there for you to work with new industrial projects such as production plants and facilities.

Our customers benefit from our versatility and broad service chain which brings easiness, certainty and flexibility. We provide the needed metal materials, machined parts, steel structures, pipelines and tanks. We also do industrial installations, maintenance work and modifications for you. Our wide network of partners covers special needs such as fine/precision mechanics parts, surface treatments, fine paintwork, design services etc.

Customer satisfaction, flexibility, quality of work and keeping our promises are important to us. Work safety, sustainability and production methods are developed actively. We have ISO 9001:2015 Management and ISO 14001:2015 Environment certifications and we have successfully passed HSEQ Health and Safety audit.

Sah-Ko was founded in 1955. We are located in Oulu Finland and are also able to work in international projects.

Sah-Ko Oy (Ltd.)

Lumijoentie 6
90400 Oulu

+358 50 330 0475

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Basic figures:
Employees: 100 (2019)
Turnover: 9.6M€ (2019)
Offices: 2, located in Oulu Finland
Founded: 1955

Business units:
– Metal Sales
– Machinery services
– Pipeline and tank manufacturing
– Installation and maintenance services


Metal Procurement and Sales

Our metal sales has the largest metal selection in Northern Finland. Main focus is in different grades and shapes of steel and aluminium. Available are also e.g. brass and copper materials. Metal sales unit provides materials to our internal units as well as selling to external customers. We get materials fastly and reliably from manufacturers’ direct sales units. Our materials meet the high western standards.

Machinery Services

The core of our machinery services is manufacturing of demanding machined and welded parts and structures. We produce e.g. machined parts, CNC flame cutted sheets, bent and roll-bent sheets, welded parts and structures, including SFS-EN 1090 steel structures in execution classes EXC1, EXC2 and EXC3.

Complex part structures can be assembled in our separated assembly/maintenance hall. We also have an abrasive blast and painting line with a twin railtrack suitable also for large and heavy objects.

Pipe and Tank Manufacturing

We manufacture pipes, pipelines, piping bridges and tanks, complying with pressurized vessel regulations. Our pipe bending CNC machine enables us to bend pipes so that they maintain their original shape profile, reducing the need of welded seams and inspections of the seams. We do also installation and repair work.

Industrial Maintenance

Versatile installations, repair and maintenance services with solid professional workmanship. Our all-round and experienced personnel and complete tool collections enable us to finish the work without unnecessary hassle and delays. Equipment maintenance can be done on-site or in our own assembly/maintenance hall.

We also deliver and install Alfa Laval heat exchangers and also offer CIP (Clean In Place) heat exchanger cleaning service in customer’s premises without a need to disassemble the heat exchanger.

Management & Environment, Health & Safety and Financial Certifications

Contact Information

Telephone Exchange
+358 50 330 0475

E-mail adresses

Jukka Estama

Jukka Estama

Managing Director
Mobile: +358 400 530 815

Kai Väisänen

Kai Väisänen

Head of Unit
Industrial Maintenance
Mobile: +358 50 421 0800

Sami Heimonen

Sami Heimonen

Head of Unit
Pipes and Tanks
Mobile: +358 50 434 6010

Aarno Sarajärvi

Aarno Sarajärvi

Head of Unit
Machinery Services
Mobile: +358 40 732 6394

Raimo Savaloja

Sales Manager
Metal Sales
Mobile: +358 400 717 056